Medical Reserve Corps
National Priorities, Meeting Local Needs
The Medical Reserve Corps Program Office is based in the Office of the United States Surgeon General. It functions as a clearinghouse for information and best practices to help communities establish, implement and maintain MRC units across the nation. The MRC Program Office hosts a website, sponsors an annual leadership conference, provides technical assistance and coordinates with local, state, regional and national organizations and agencies to help communities achieve their local visions for public health and emergency preparedness.  MRC Regional Coordinators, stationed nationwide in the 10 HHS Regional Offices, also facilitate and encourage coordination between MRC units.
Strengthening the Public Health Infrastructure and Improving Emergency Preparedness
Cape Girardeau County Public Health Center MRC Unit
About the Medical Reserve Corps
The Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) was founded after President Bush’s 2002 State of the Union Address, in which he asked all Americans to volunteer in support of their country.
  • MRC is a specialized component of Citizen Corps, a national network of volunteers dedicated to ensuring hometown security. Citizen Corps, along with the Corporation for National and Community Service, and the Peace Corps are all part of the President's USA Freedom Corps, which promotes volunteerism and service throughout the nation.
  • MRC units are community-based and function as a way to locally organize and utilize volunteers –
  • medical professionals and others who want to donate their time and expertise to promote healthy living throughout the year and to prepare for and respond to emergencies.
  • MRC volunteers support existing local emergency and public health resources.
  • MRC volunteers include medical and public health professionals such as physicians, nurses, pharmacists, dentists, veterinarians, and epidemiologists. Other community members, such as interpreters, chaplains, office workers, and legal advisors, can fill other vital support positions.
What Can MRC Volunteers Do?
Support local public health initiatives and the goals of the Department of Health and Human Services’ Healthy People 2010, while advancing the priorities of the Surgeon General:
  • Promoting disease prevention
  • Improving health literacy
  • Eliminating health disparities
  • Enhancing public health preparedness
Assist local health departments in times of needs.
Participate in mass prophylaxis and vaccination exercises and community disaster drills.
Train with local emergency response partners.
       And more...
The Cape Girardeau County Citizens Corps is recruiting a community based group of volunteers who can serve during a local health emergency and/or assist with local public health needs throughout the year.  Volunteers can choose to serve solely during emergencies, or they may offer their time for both emergencies and non-emergencies, i.e. flu clinics, health fairs and other community events.
Neighboring Counties
Bollinger and Stoddard County Public Health Centers are in the process of forming Medical Reserve Corps.

For additional information contact:
Citizens Corps
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Jane Wernsman
www.cgcohealthdept.comStoddard County Public Health Department

Debbie Pliemling

www.stoddardcountyhealth.comBollinger Co Public Health Department
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