Child Care Health Consultation

We are committed to helping childcare providers offer the best possible care to our community’s children through our Child Care Health Consultation program. Our Public Health Nurses provide child care consultant services to child care providers, families, and children enrolled in child care. 

Why does this program exist?
To provide child care health consultation and training for child care providers in our county
To promote safe, healthy, and developmentally appropriate environments for children in child care
To assist families and child care providers in accessing needed health and social service programs
To decrease injury, disease, and abuse for our children

What services are offered?

Consultation at child care homes, group homes, or centers regarding child health and safety concerns
Training for child care providers to improve their knowledge of healthy and safe practices (Training clock hours are awarded to child care staff)
Education and health consultation for family members of children enrolled in a child care facility
Health Promotion presentations for children in child care settings


Clock-Hours:  Child care facility staff can earn clock hours by attending approved training to assist them in meeting annual licensing requirements (12 clock hours per calendar year).  Training is provided at no cost to the facility staff.  
Provider Training Topics: Behaviors, Emergency Preparedness, Fire Safety, Water Safety, Communicable Disease, Growth and Development, Dental Health, Exercise/Physical Health, Breastfeeding, Seizures, Stress Management, Asthma, Food Allergies, Safe Sleep, Head  Lice, Bed Bugs, Immunizations, Medication Administration, ADHD, Autism, Nutrition, Mental Health, Food Safety
**We can customize training to fit your needs, please let us know if there is a specific topic you would like us to cover.

Health Promotions: 
The CCHC Program provides health and safety education to children enrolled in child care.  At the child care center, children participate in fun activities that teach them about safety and living healthy lifestyles. 
Topics for children include: Nutrition, Stranger Danger, Hygiene/Hand washing, Dental Health, Playground Safety, Bullying, Expression of Feelings, Controlling Emotions, Winter Safety, Personal Safety, Diversity, Friends with Food Allergies, Importance of Sleep, Immunizations, Exercise, Seat Belt Safety, Summer Safety, and other topics may be available upon request. 
**We can customize health promotions to fit your needs, please let us know if there is a specific topic you would like us to cover. 

For more information on our Child Care Health Consultation Program or to inquire about training/health promotions, please call us at (573) 335-7846.