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The Cape Girardeau County Public Health Board voted unanimously on Monday, March 8, 2021, to immediately rescind the Face Covering Order. The Public Health Board wants to make it clear they continue to strongly recommend face-coverings be worn by residents and visitors of Cape Girardeau County. The Order was initially put into effect on July 13, 2020, and amended on October 27, 2020, to include the following events needed for the Board to consider rescinding or amending the Order.

1. The Viral (RT-PCR) Lab Test Positivity Rate for Cape Girardeau County is below 5% for a two-week period, AND the rolling 14-day case count of new COVID-19 cases is below 200 for a two-week period. The Emergency Face Covering Order will then be lowered to "strongly recommended." The Order will revert to "required" if the positivity rate goes above 10% for a two-week period, and the rolling case count of new COVID-19 cases goes above 250 for a two-week period.
2. A COVID-19 vaccine becomes widely available to the general public
3. A highly-effective, relatively low-cost COVID-19 therapeutic treatment becomes widely available.

The Board has determined the first criteria has been met. This was based on the 14-day case count of new cases staying below 200 for a two-week period and the guidance of Medical Director Dr. John Russell. The positivity rate was omitted because the Board felt it was no longer an accurate measure with the significant decrease in testing.

              The rescinding of the Order does not supersede other governing bodies such as the Federal, State, and school board requirements. The Public Health Board supports and highly recommends businesses and schools continue to require masks.

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 View the Face Covering Order 20-03 (Rescinded 3/8/2021)

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June 5th Proclamation Reminder and Updates
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Cape Girardeau County Public Health Center is closely monitoring the COVID-19 investigation. We are working diligently with our community partners and the Missouri Department of Health Senior Services to protect the health and safety of Cape Girardeau County residents. The Health Center will continue to provide updates to providers as needed. 

If you have been tested for COVID-19, please help us and your close contacts from spreading COVID by doing the following:

1. Quarantine UNTIL you receive your test result. Quarantining keeps you from unknowingly spreading the virus to others and stops the chain.

2. If you are positive, isolate yourself from the rest of your household members as soon as possible for 10 days. Isolation from household members can prevent your family members from getting sick.

3. Let your close contacts know that you tested positive and ask them to quarantine for 10 days from their last exposure to you. There is no test out option.

For more information on quarantine or isolation time periods click the link below 
                                Quarantine and Isolation Scenarios

These are some of the best ways to decrease our case count and community spread.



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